About AT

A.T. Hargrave is a third generation pastor who began the journey in senior leadership at the age of 21 when he became pastor of Crestwood Baptist Church, an inner city, traditional church with 20 years of steady decline. After a season of prayer and seeking the Lord, Crestwood Baptist began experiencing God healing the sick, delivering the oppressed, and saving the lost, developing this classical Baptist congregation into a biblically-centered, charismatic church. A.T. had the privilege to lead the congregation through this transition that culminated in the launching of Crestwood Vineyard Church alongside Charles Bello and Brian Blount.

A.T. enjoys philosophy, theology, teaching, developing leaders, and golf. He and his wife, Micki, have two children, Judah and Millie. He has authored two books, I See Dead Churches and Experiencing the Resurrected Christ.